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About Me

photo of Emanuele Disco My name is Emanuele Disco, I am 32 years old and I am born in Rome, Italy in 1984. Passion for technology, computer software, hardware, video games and last but not least passion for astronomy and science.
I went to high school in 1999 and I got an high school diploma in Computer Specialization with score 96/100 in 2003. In the same year, I enrolled in Rome Tre University, in the Engineering field, Computer department. I graduated in February, 2010 in Computer Engineering with score 96/110. Before graduation, I started to work in an IT company in Rome in October 2009, and I worked as an Analyst Programmer with specialization in Java2EE for two years, developing Web Applications for Telecommunication Companies.

photo of Emanuele Disco I studied Korean and Japanese on my own for two years in my home country and I started to think about moving in South Korea. In 2010 I had an amazing culture experience in Japan for a short time and in 2011 I decided to quit my job and moving in South Korea. I started a freelance job as a Web Designer for a few months, working with WordPress templates and PHP language.
Currenctly living in Seoul and working for SangAh Management Consulting IT company, developing Project Management Information System applications on Web. I love my job more than my pay and I am really open for new working experiences.
I developed several years of experience in Java programming, and other languages like CSS, HTML, Javascript, C#, Python. I really enjoy working and studying at the same time, I always try to be up to date with all new stuff around programming, security on Web, and I always try to do my work in a way that can be helpful to other people's work and to simplify daily tasks.

And this is me...